Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Culture Fair

Be held the first Silk Road(Dunhuang) fair at early city Dunhuang on autumn 2016. The ENEWAVE is a quite new of audio industrial but be a very important part at the fair.

ENEWAVE’s speakers, amplifiers and digital process are widely applied with news press, display, 8 multipurpose hall, 2 reception hall, 2 VIP hall, 2 media studio and 12 medium and small conference rooms. Especially the Galaxy digital processor be the core device for serving above places. It was depending on its outstanding, stable and reliable performance to be the strong support. Make sure the fair was perfect in progress through the end.

News press

Display hall


Reception, VIP reception

  • Lark-8


    Lark-8 is a full range array speaker which is combined 8 pieces of 3.5”full range components in a slim aluminum cabinet with direct coupling array technology.

  • VS-10


    VS-10 is a full function two ways speaker cabinet due to its compact size and multipurpose designing theory. It combines high output and nature sound performance to meet various portable and fixed-installation applications. Its asymmetrical cabinet offers general angles for normal wall mounting and stage monitor applications. VS-8 is build-in a lot of M10 flying point and pole socket on bottom that will be convenience for every kind of portable applications.

  • VLA-208


    VLA-206 is a compact active two ways multipurpose vertical line array speaker. Especially it owns very compact cabinet and contains dual 8”low/mid woofer and one 1.5” compression driver which are combined with an axe type phase plug. Its cabinet is made by Baltic birch plywood and mortise joint technology and multilayer environmental waterborne paint. Build-in flying hardware for vertical array.

  • VLA-208SUB


    VLA-206SUB is a sub-woofer speaker cabinet specialized for VLA-206 line array system. It owns cuboid cabinet and build-in an 18”woofer speaker.