• How to update the firmware of GALAXY system?

    The update method is as follows:
    It is important to ensure that the firmware is the latest version, as the new version often adds the appropriate feature extensions, so please update your firmware regularly.
    The operation is as follows:
    1> in the online mode, right-click the corresponding device, and select firmware update in the pop-up menu".
    2> in the pop-up window, select the files you want to update, pay attention to the corresponding device type, and then confirm.
    3> wait a moment until the update is complete. Note: please make sure to back up the data before performing firmware updates, otherwise all data will be removed. Please do not turn off the power supply during the upgrade.

  • How to reset GALAXY system devices ?

    Close the galaxy software, switch off the power button, IP reset button with a sharp object hold back cover (holes in the card equipment export right, IP Reset, and the bottom of the logo) press the power button at the same time and hold for 10 seconds, then release the IP reset button, when equipment after start-up, wait a moment before the panel "NET" the indicator lights up. Finally, the reset operation is complete and the status light should be converted to green "ON", and the device IP address will be restored to the default fixed IP ( This represents a successful reset operation.

  • Why can't the software of the new version of GALAXY system be installed?

    1>Before you install a new version of the, uninstall the old version first, in case there is a conflict.
    2>When the software installation is in progress, please choose to allow Galaxy to access the network through the firewall.
    3> Please make sure the software is the latest version to get more functional extensions.
    4>After the software is installed, please closef the software once and then open it.

  • GALAXY installed, still cannot be used.

    When you install Galaxy software, if the Microsoft.NET Framework3.5 plug-in does not exist on the PC, the galaxy software is not available even if it is installed. So you also need to download the Microsoft.NET Framework3.5 plug-in to the PC.

  • When you run GALAXY software, it is found that in the "online mode", users see red or yellow logo on

    1> If a red or yellow logo is found above the left of the device, this means that it is not properly connected.
    2>When displays the red flag "OFF", when the "NET" indicator light of the front panel of the device is not turned on, the media matrix is shown to be offline. Reasons: boot, boot, device ready (about 30 seconds), hardware and software connection and parameter settings error, firmware updated or device restart. When the yellow flag is displayed.
    3> It means that the media matrix is online, but not available. At this point, you can move the mouse to the status indicator, you can pop up the corresponding error display.

  • GALAXY software can find devices, but cannot upload programs.

    There will be several situations:
    1>If the software version of the computer is too low, the will appear incompatible and cannot upload it, and the relevant information will be displayed in the prompt window. At this point, users will need to update the newer version of the software.
    2> To check if the mapped processor has been mapped, right-click the program in design mode, and select the required media matrix model in the mapping processor. When the program is successfully mapped, the program icon should be changed to opaque red icons.
    3> Device name repetition... Please rename "because of the" online mode "in the program name like device module, conflict, then need to" design pattern "right above the component properties in the" name "at the re named.
    4> program class is consistent with the device's model, otherwise the device MAC address to be mapped cannot be found in the mapping processor.

  • How many CP-70T or CP-4S1V control panels can be accessed in the GALAXY system?

    One Galaxy processor device can access multiple CP-70T or CP-4S1V control panels. One of these CP-70T can also control multiple Galaxy processors. CP-70T and CP-4S1V can be powered by PoE.

  • VLA hanging frame, how many VLA system speakers can hang up at most?

    The VLA206 frame can connect up to 4 VLA206SUB and 16 VLA206;
    the VLA208 frame can connect up to 8 VLA208SUB and 16 VLA208;
    the VLA212 frame can connect up to 16 VLA212.

  • The GALAXY processor program was uploaded successfully, but the output was silent.

    1. To check if the program is in "dumb" mode, and right-click the device module in online mode to mute the sound".
    2. To check if the program line is connected. Click the "control device" to enter the program to see if "INPUT" and "OUTPUT" are silent, and see if the matrix is allocated correctly. Observe the status of the front panel signal of the equipment, the indicator light is on, indicating that there is signal output or input.

  • System fault consultation

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