On the 9:00am June 3, 2016 ,  China (Xiamen) International Internet of things Expo and summit, "things China" annual ceremony at the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, C3 hall officially opened. The fair is the main form of achievement display, negotiation, on-site experience and Summit Forum. It will build the Internet of things technology exchange, achievement connection and popularization application platform. The fair has a total of more than 200 exhibitors, with more than 500 booths, with an exhibition area of more than 13000 square meters. With the rapid development of Internet technology, human beings are beginning to learn to appreciate life and enjoy life. Pay more attention to the quality of life and the spiritual world, and gradually evolve into the Internet of things era of internet. At the show, ENEWAVE brought a visual feast for the audience.

ENEWAVE invites the passionate interpretation of "handsome young artists", so that you can feel the melodious charm of the sound during the exhibition and feel the high quality of ENEWAVE products. Enjoy life, enjoy the high quality of the spiritual world, people's voice and visual sense of the impact of the growing pursuit of perfection, the pursuit of immersion sound, visual, sensory impact, and enjoy the joy of the spiritual world.

New product release

At this exhibition, ENEWAVE has launched a number of SDCT line array products.

Ray System

Ray System is a portable audio system designed for small and medium sound reinforcement requirements. It is a professional sound reinforcement system designed with music performance as standard. 128dB high SPL output can meet about 300 musical performances, or about 500 people meeting speech.


X-Pad is only a thin line array 6.5CM thickness, has a slim body and has the sound quality of the Hi-Fi design uses it is mainly aimed at meeting rooms, restaurants, bars, galleries and home theater etc..  In addition to the extreme requirements of sound quality. For the use of housing design, the user can according to the color of wood shell and cover decoration network around the environment to select a different color texture, these features are satisfied with the product material, color, shape and other places also have higher requirements.