X-Pad ultra slim array panel speaker

Fusion of mounting the speaker appearance and architectural environment that has always been the pursuit of Enewave, Xpad launched a new series of speakers with thin body design. The overall thickness of only 6.5CM whether the wall mounted or embedded installation will be integrated and building environment. There is no sense of violation and the traditional wall mount speaker. The first optional enclosure design for offering a variety of different materials and the fingerprint of the enclosure, And the environment is more easily matching with decoration. X-Pad is designed by SDCT (direct coupled technology) array speaker technology,  The sound coverage is more uniform, transmission attenuation less. The array can be extended to meet the different needs of the size of the facilities.

X-Sub sub-woofer speaker

12 inches sub-woofer speaker built-in 800W high-power amplifier, mixer and adjustable electronic crossover control circuit. It still performed very low distortion at high power output and shocked the cinema performance to its peak.

Widely application, flexible collocation

X-Pad and X-Sub can be widely used in cinema, family, conference room, auditorium, hotel, multimedia display and other facilities.