Exceptional Mars-8016 is a digital audio processor with fixed DSP architecture. It offers flexible I/O configuration and available to extend I/O quantity via Dante extension card. The I/O quantities are able to extend to 32 by 32 with matrix application.


Digital Section:

DSP chips: ADI Sharc 40-bit floating-point processors

ADC/DAC Converter: high dynamic 48kHz,24Bit chip

DSP architecture: open, replacing process files

DSP algorithms: includes all common devices and par tspecific

device, some speaker processor

Analog Section:

Input Sensitivity:>10kΩ

Output Impedance:50Ω

Maximum Input level:+20dBu / MIC, +40dBu / Line,

balanced inputs

Phantom Power:48V,software controlled switch

频响:20-30000Hz (+ / - 0.1dB)

Dynamic Range: 112dB typical (unweighted)

共模抑制比:>100dB (50 至 10kHz)

Crosstalk:< -100dB

Distortion:0.001% (1kHz @+4dBu)


Signal input and output:3.5mm Phoenix connector

GPIO connector:3.5mm Phoenix connector

Ethernet connector:RJ45

Power: standard IEC connector

Physical parameters:

Working voltage:AC 200-240V(50-60Hz)

Chassis dimensions:483x44x229mm